My Dad Was A Hipster

This gallery represents the last story my father had left to tell, originally published as a photo book. From the foreword:

“This book is dedicated to my father and the people he loved and cherished. I have recorded the last months of his life, starting from just before his first serious stroke on my birthday, until his passing on January 22nd, 2012. I was fortunate to be able to care for him with ever increasing daily visits to twenty-four-seven care, supported by courageous family, loved ones, dear friends and fantastic professionals.

My father was diagnosed with several types of cancer, the latest being a tumor in his brain. Adamant on not receiving chemo therapy, based on his personal reasons, his last option was radiation treatment. During 2011, this treatment caused loss of motoric function and fatigue, eventually leading up to the stroke he suffered while riding shotgun in my car after a great day of shopping for wines. This is where his final chapter begins.

A no-nonsense religious man, my father was a friend, confidant, buddy, intellectual sparring partner, connoisseur of beers, wines and cheeses, counselor and gladiator. Not a hipster, particularly. The title of this book lends itself from an ‘app’ used to take these photographs” […]

Some of these photographs may be perceived as confrontational.