Information For (Potential) Tout Le Monde Participants

This page was set up as a welcome and introduction to new participants and a cheat-sheet for existing ones.

The aim of this project is to measure quality of life as perceived by the participants from all walks of society and in any corner of the world, in times where this world seems all but stable and with uncertain prospects of a future we'd all hoped to have.

Use your phone or any available device (film camera?) you're comfortable keeping on your person to take photographs of (any or all):

  • Your surroundings, the area you live, places you love or dislike

  • Changes (or lack thereof) in your life or the area you live in

  • Places you enjoy traveling to or people you enjoy meeting

  • Things, objects you like or have an attachment to

  • People, animals or anything else that comfort you

  • Anything that makes you worry about your immediate future, government influence/interference, financial stability, ecological impact

  • What it is that you enjoy doing, recreational or professional

  • Your private or home life

  • Your social or work life

  • If you’d like to send in some video, that’s great too!

  • And perhaps an occasional selfie

In other words: document what’s important in your life for a while. You can be as platonic or as personal as you choose to be. Try showing what it's like to be you! We will collate and sort the pictures as they come in and update the story galleries on the go. You don't have to wait, just send them in when you take them. And of course, all participants will be fully credited.

As a token of appreciation all participants will receive a one-off custom made business card from the #justmytwofeet project.

Have fun!




Technical Pointers

  • Please do not edit or resize your photographs

  • Use the highest resolution your device can take pictures at if it’s digital

  • Try to keep this project going for a while. We’re hoping for at least a few weeks or months

  • Send your pictures or videos in through Slowly, via email or upload them to the project cloud (let us know which you prefer)

  • Give a short explanation of the pictures: the who/what/where/when/why

  • We’ll use your Slowly username to credit you, but let us know with what name you’d like to be credited if you participate from outside this app

  • Give a little introduction of yourself

Comments & Feedback

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