Trinidad & Tobago, Part 1

Unfortunately, not a lot of photographs remain from the years between 2000-2014. Things got lost over time, even stolen, though there are still some negatives in storage thousands of miles away, waiting to be digitized at some point.


For the interested onlooker, I did find some while rummaging around, which I’ve put into a separate category called ‘Shoebox’. Just because that’s where one traditionally would file such photographs. There will be more appearing here and hopefully with some more text as well, but as said, the physical negatives are not at hand. Everything in this shoebox is dated as posted and therefore kept out of the archives.

This particular set is from the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago, possibly somewhere in 2003, where I’ve spent quite some time since then. Nothing fancy, just shots wandering around and doing mundane things such as picking up doubles.