Say Hello To Ello, Again

After a bit of an absence, or rather - inactivity, we’re back on Ello with new material. Well, not quite that new because you might have seen (some of) this already as part of the Scarborough Fair project. But there’s a twist: pictures that don’t fit the parameters of this project will be visible on Ello and not on the North Wind Gazette. So, there’s more to see there than there’s here. Think of it as a diary. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Throwback Thursday #2

This one goes back a while, to a time when life was all but certain yet it was seriously and fully enjoyed, and underappreciated. Hearts broken, dreams shattered, but memories kept and lessons learned. Perhaps not the best photograph of this time, but one I will cherish for a many of reasons.

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That's Some Next Level Sh..

We all know by now that Canada can be cold. Ottawa even took the title from Ulaanbaatar for the coldest capital in the world just a few days ago, and I’m not even mentioning temperatures reached in the northern territories earlier this week (-40 to -60 wind chill). But Torontonians know that it can be cold here, too. As in next-level frigid cold. So just to let you know we haven’t forgotten to post anything, we’re just working on some new stuff, here’s a quick ‘Hello it’s cold here too!’ for you. Have a great day!


Blood Moon

(Currently out of sight) I didn’t go out to watch. That bloody thing was just too friggin’ cold.

Pretty, but just too. Friggin'. Cold.

Annual pilgrimage to Ottawa for Christmas. Guaranteed snow. Guaranteed cold. Like face-freezing-off cold. This time combined with a trip to the National Gallery of Canada, which is definitely worth coming back to. I didn’t think I’d miss observing old masters as much as when confronted with a lovely selection in here. To say, I do miss the many options available in the Netherlands…