Exploring The 6ix, Part 1

In this first part of a short series I'll share with you some photographs taken during my first half year here in Canada. These are mostly just snapshots on the streets, but I thought it'd be nice to share some of the sights and sounds of this place I've come to enjoy tremendously.

These pictures are mostly from 2014 but will not be published chronologically, and in stead as a sequential series over the next couple of weeks. Pictures truly don't do it justice, Toronto is a place to experience, not to observe. These were taken mostly in the downtown core.

Not Too Many Roads Lead To The City

Just one, to be precise. Which is pretty sad. But very enjoyable to drive when there's no traffic, and it doesn't matter which direction you come from, really. West-to-East is nicer in the afternoon with all that wonderful light and a totally different look than when driving East-to-West. So this is the latter, from just before where the Don Valley Parkway turns into the Gardiner Expressway; Richmond Street.


Toronto Has Beaches, Yes!

Did you know that Toronto actually has beaches?! Sure, they’re not my favorite kind (the ones with real waves, salt water…) but they’ll do just fine! And it’s kind of surreal being on a beach, whether it’s the pebbly ones by the city or the sandy ones by the Bluffs, with such a city skyline as your backdrop. Needless to say these places are some of the favorite hangouts for these city folk.