The Madness That Is Pacific Mall

There’s this place here called Pacific Mall. It’s a mall. Everyone knows it. But not like your ordinary ‘mall’. I believe it’s actually a tourist attraction. But not to be concise: it’s one of those places where you’d go to find anything tech-related, phone-related, Asian art-related, get your nails done, get your hair done, get some food…and to be honest anything else you could think of. This place has it all, in abundance.

Let’s not get into the parking situation. Let’s just focus on what this place is. It’s mayhem. Organized chaos, and I love it. As per expectation, everyone tries to rip you off, but you can, and should, bargain. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll know someone who does. Around the corner.


The pics I took a few days ago were when the place was just opening for the day, hence the lack of 3 million people. And in reality, it’s much more affluent and congested as the pictures might suggest. It makes my head spin. But I got the deal I was looking for, so thanks to Uber I got what I came for. Uber might actually be (despite me not approving of their business model and actual existence) your best way of getting in here and out again. Or come in an old dingy car. Your insurance company will thank you.

This is the first post with digital pictures, heavily edited. There will be more. Film is just too bloody expensive.