Go Get Dressed Up And Act Weird...Or Yourself

FanExpo. What can I say? I got bit by that bug a few years ago when attending my very first ComiCon in Ottawa, under the umbrella of the ‘501st’, the Star Wars clique. And I like it. I love it. It’s weird, grand, intimate, elaborate and just plain old fun. Non-profit organizations like the 501 raise money for charity, and don’t get paid. They put an exorbitant amount of time and money in their performances, stages, costumes and travels. Just to entertain people and have a good time.

The 501st Legion

One of these days I’ll get my own costume, just to be able to contribute. Sure, the resurgence of the Star Wars movies has helped, but FanExpo is more than just that, obviously. Star Wars is just one small part of this giant engine. Anyone with any kind of affinity to some sort of fantasy character, series or universe will find a home here. It’s by fans, for fans, and it’s awesome. I urge anyone with some imagination in their minds to give it a shot. Let’s be weird!

These snapshots were taken while I was out of a (borrowed) Sand Trooper costume and walking around the many many floors and exhibition areas at the Toronto FanExpo 2018.

The Venue

Oh yeah and that one there on the right, that be me!

Twitter screenshots, credits to the original photographer(s).