I apologize humbly for overloading you with silly photographs of trees, leaves, lakes and autumn colours, but I just can't help myself. This be the third post on Algonquin Park with at the end a little bit of Lake Huron, just because I can't get enough of it. But this will be it for now. So there you have it. More trees. Do enjoy.

Sausages, Cottages & Wolf Packs

Past October we went to a place that's been long on the list of go-to's: Algonquin Provincial Park. I've already posted some video clips from this endeavor, but now the first film has come back from the developer.


I have to say, this place is amazing and I want, need, to go back there. It's simply awesome. In it's size (one fifth the size of the Netherlands), it's colours in fall, it's wildlife (15 wolf packs and scores of bears, lynxes, moose, etc etc), lakes, more lakes and gorgeous cottages here and there. Not to mention some culinary surprises. And it's not that far away from Toronto, really. When I retire I could live there, easily and off the grid. With a boat.

Parks & Recreation

Sometimes a picture just won't do the scenery, circumstances or state of mind justice. That's where a pocket camcorder comes in handy. Trying to convey the zenned-out moments experienced during a trip through Algonquin Provincial Park and a few other places this past October, here's some moving pictures for you. Don't mind the crappy quality. Mind the moment.