Midnight Sessions & Whisky Bottles

Our globetrotting enfant terrible and name-double rock star left as fast as she came. Two weeks of eating, scrubbing, tossing, talking, music and shopping made everyone's life a bit better during the imminent onset of the Canadian winter. For some of us (ahem) it was more of a hangoverus interruptus, but that didn't mean it was any less worthwhile. I am however getting too old for that kind of torture of the liver, and my body is desperately trying to tell me it's no longer 28 years old. For a few days now.

The planned 'official' portrait sessions will have to wait till next time, so for now there's a handful of speedy Instax prints. Which all now reside in Hong Kong, where they belong. See you soon again.

Truckdrivers Are @$$holes

And he’s back! This time thundering a V8 abomination of a vehicle over country roads and through the city, just because one can. You’d think those gas guzzlers would be built a bit more sturdily, but no. Ten minutes in and the door panel already comes off. In a brand new machine. Ah well, it does drive, and they do make you feel invincible. Needless to say we had fun with that. Food, whisky, baseball, food, yachts, wine, food, beaches, food, beer and more food, oh and karaoke. Just to name a few.

Blitz But No Krieg

I believe it was September of 2017 when Michelle came over for a super quick visit, promptly followed by a visit to the CNE (or The EX). That's quite the happening here in Toronto, and my first time there as well. Lots of fun, but I'll need another few visits to explore this grand fair properly. These are just a few family snapshots, there's more which will be added as soon as they're found.