Another video for you today, and this one is very recent. Sometimes, looking up and dreaming away even for just a minute prove to be very relaxing and very necessary.


Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Parks & Recreation

Sometimes a picture just won't do the scenery, circumstances or state of mind justice. That's where a pocket camcorder comes in handy. Trying to convey the zenned-out moments experienced during a trip through Algonquin Provincial Park and a few other places this past October, here's some moving pictures for you. Don't mind the crappy quality. Mind the moment.

Horror Movie? Not Quite, But It Could Be...

In stead of showing you the magnificent Niagara Falls, because you’ve most likely seen them a million times already, I’ll show you something different. Because you can go behind the falls, did you know? Literally. There’s a tunnel system in the bedrock behind the waterfall, where you can stand behind the thunderous water, or step out on ground level and see the falls crash down from way up high. The last part is especially recommended in winter. Bring a poncho though.

Toronto Has Beaches, Yes!

Did you know that Toronto actually has beaches?! Sure, they’re not my favorite kind (the ones with real waves, salt water…) but they’ll do just fine! And it’s kind of surreal being on a beach, whether it’s the pebbly ones by the city or the sandy ones by the Bluffs, with such a city skyline as your backdrop. Needless to say these places are some of the favorite hangouts for these city folk.

Buffalo, NY And It's Wonderful Architecture

Sure it’s a landmark and an important architectural work. But if you don’t know this, you wouldn’t think of visiting something like a city hall now, would you? I wouldn’t. So I was happy to have done just that, even after staying in Buffalo for quite a while and not paying this beautiful building any attention. The video is crap, but there you go.