Exploring The 6ix, Part 1

In this first part of a short series I'll share with you some photographs taken during my first half year here in Canada. These are mostly just snapshots on the streets, but I thought it'd be nice to share some of the sights and sounds of this place I've come to enjoy tremendously.

These pictures are mostly from 2014 but will not be published chronologically, and in stead as a sequential series over the next couple of weeks. Pictures truly don't do it justice, Toronto is a place to experience, not to observe. These were taken mostly in the downtown core.

Get On Your Bike, Mike!

Cycling isn't as embedded into Canadian culture as it is in the Netherlands. Too many people get hit by cars whilst on their bikes, especially downtown. But it has less to do with skill than with road rage, dare I say? Pedestrians and cyclists need 4 sets of eyes and ears to avoid cars, trucks and buses who simply don't pay enough attention (or can't see them because they're just too big!) and claim every inch of the roads.

In the first 6 months of 2018, 21 people on foot or bicycle got killed in traffic accidents in the GTA alone. And as a pedestrian or cyclist, you're also not as protected by laws as you'd be in some other (European) countries. Hence, I'm not as often on my bike as I'd like to. I'm not scared, and I can bike, but man, those drivers (especially in Scarborough)! These pictures are from a car-free day in some major streets downtown Toronto.

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Spent half a day photographing every single subway stop above ground and below, on a sweltering day in September with some crappy cameras and cheap film. The grand plan was to cover the entire subway system (Toronto's subway map isn't what one would call large, but it is growing) but ended up not even finishing one complete line.

The entire endeavour took more time and energy than expected. It is quite interesting to do though. The subterranean landscape is diverse, as are it's inhabitants. Some stops are busy, some are not. Some look pretty awesome, some do not. In some musicians play music, in some they should not. I believe I should return and attempt to finish this, perhaps in winter?

Here's some of the pixies taken on Line 1 (Finch to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre via Union), in no particular order:

Almost As Old As I Am

Good weather activates the wander-around-bug, and that's just what these are. I found a roll of film from the late seventies (yes, 1970's) and what better way to kill some more polar bears than to drive around and shoot it up? Okay, I can think of a few other things to do, but this was the decision for that day. And I mean, boats on beaches? All that's missing is a beer.

Brunch, Table Tennis Und Die Heimat

Found some more random pictures from this summer. We were checking out a place for brunch (KOS Restaurant, again in Kensington), which was surprisingly tasty! Then a bit of walking around Toronto's City Hall and at a later date arriving waaay too early at The Bentway, so there was no beer, music or food to be enjoyed, just empty ping-pong tables. And what is that Tim Horton's scripture...are they preaching up the wrong tree?