A Little Bit Of Dutchie Dutchness

I’d have to confess and say that I miss Gouda. There’s so much to love about this little city, even when it’s being overrun by tourists. But it’s got character. And one of the best beer stores in the world, in my honest opinion. So these are just a few pics from around town, from just before I moved out of town. Oh. And there’s cheese. Duh.

I believe I was just testing out a (new to me) film stock, so here’s a few more from the same rolls. Rotterdam Central Station, one of the offices I used to work at (the tall skinny blue buildings with the orange N), street car tracks in The Hague and people whizzing by on bicycles at one of my favorite drinking spots in Utrecht.

Again Barcelona, Again Paris

One thing I tend to do, often, is forget there’s a roll of film in a camera somewhere. So some cameras journey with me from place to place to be eventually finished and developed. What comes out of them, naturally, can be a surprise. I do enjoy this approach even though it can be rather confusing. Because I don’t remember all that well. This roll of film apparently has been to Barcelona as well as Paris at some time, and these are the results.

Trinidad & Tobago, Part 2

The second set of photographs I found from Trinidad & Tobago are mostly from the west coast, somewhere between San Fernando and Port-of-Spain. I remember this hand-built temple in the ocean quite well, and the country is littered with sites like this. Churches, temples and mosques, because of the diverse nature of it’s citizens, there’s something to be found for everyone. Even skyscraper-size monkeys.


Paris is one of those cities I’d love to have lived in, but being in such close proximity (a few hours by train), I settled for just visiting as many times as I possibly could. This place is very dear to me, I’ve had some amazing times here, especially just before I emigrated to Canada. Wandering around the city at night, inhaling art, architecture and atmosphere…there’s few places I recall that left me wanting more. Paris, je t'aime.


Trinidad & Tobago, Part 1

Unfortunately, not a lot of photographs remain from the years between 2000-2014. Things got lost over time, even stolen, though there are still some negatives in storage thousands of miles away, waiting to be digitized at some point.


For the interested onlooker, I did find some while rummaging around, which I’ve put into a separate category called ‘Shoebox’. Just because that’s where one traditionally would file such photographs. There will be more appearing here and hopefully with some more text as well, but as said, the physical negatives are not at hand. Everything in this shoebox is dated as posted and therefore kept out of the archives.

This particular set is from the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago, possibly somewhere in 2003, where I’ve spent quite some time since then. Nothing fancy, just shots wandering around and doing mundane things such as picking up doubles.