That's What Happens When You're Sloppy

And forget there's a roll in a camera, pick it up every now and then, have it developed when it's finally full just to realize it's contents span well over 2 years. So this has a bit of everything, from my sister's first visit, to a rare dim sum with Jen & Joe, X-mas with Bridget & Jim (or possibly New Years?), a visit to Ottawa, Hero Burgers made it in here somehow as well as snowshoeing somewhere in Muskoka (with bears on the loose, but that's a whole different story). Phew!

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

I believe this was my first time at Niagara Falls, and what do I shoot? Not the falls. Well, I can’t seem to be able to find any pictures of them, probably tucked away somewhere or taken digitally. So, these were taken in town, and it felt like I was in mini-Vegas. From a tourist point of view, Niagara-On-The-Lake might be more interesting, but from a photographic point of view, I can’t get enough of this town.

Oh and yes, the Falls are as majestic as you’d think they would be.


Liège et Bruxelles

Country-hopping is so easy in Europe, so what exactly stands in your way shopping in Belgium when living in the Netherlands? Drive, train or fly (well flying to Belgium is just too much), you’ll be there in no time. To enjoy some waffles, chocolate, fries (NOT the mayo, we Dutchies believe the Belgians know nothing about decent mayo but don’t tell them that), or just stroll around. These shots were the latter.